Cone Collector’s Guide: What’s New 2017

Any significant news and changes in 2017 are summarised here and they will be integrated as appropriate into the next release of the main files of the Paul Kersten checklist on this website.  These main files were last updated in August 2016. 

Events reported up to December 2016 from the launch of the website, will be found in WhatsNew 2013, WhatsNew 2014 ,WhatsNew 2015 and WhatsNew 2017 sections of this website.




Jan 2017.

New cone from India described by E Monnier, L Limpalaer, M Tenorio. Virgiconus malabaricus has previously been considered a form of V. berdulinus. Published in Xenophora Taxonomy V14(



V. malabaricus holotype MNHN


Jan 2017.

Pionoconus catus forma pullulus described by Luigi Bozzetti published in Malacologia 94 ( from SE Madagascar. An interesting dark specimen of catus; an invalid description under ICZN rules.



P. catus  pullulus   specimen

Jan 2017.

New cone Darioconus miniturritus described from SE Madagascar in Malacologia 94( by Luigi Bozzetti.



D. miniturritus  holotype MNHN


Jan 2017.

Conus pennasilicorum described from Transkei, South Africa by Luigi Bozzetti in Malacologia 94(www



Conus pennasilicorum holotype MNHN


Jan 2017.

8 new species from the Cape Verde Islands published by T Cossignani and R Fiadeiro in Malacologia 94(




A.     barrosensis  holotype Boavista

A.     cristinapessoae  holotype Boavista





A. decolrobertoi  holotype  Maoi

A. espingueirensis  holotype  Boavista





A.     gallopalvoi holotype  Boavista

A.     purvisi holotype Boavista




A.     pinedensis  holotype  Boavista

A.     varandenhensis holotype Boavista



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