Cone Collector’s Guide: What’s New 2017

Any significant news and changes in 2017 are summarised here and they will be integrated as appropriate into the next release of the main files of the Paul Kersten checklist on this website.  These main files were last updated in January 2018. 

Events reported up to December 2016 from the launch of the website, will be found in WhatsNew 2013, WhatsNew 2014 ,WhatsNew 2015 and WhatsNew 2016 sections of this website.


December 2017

Paper Phylogenetic relationships of cone snails endemic to Cape Verde Is based on mitochondrial genomes by Samuel Abalde, Manuel J. Tenorio, Carlos M. L. Afonso, Juan E. Uribe, Ana M. Echeverry and Rafael Zardoya in BMC Evolutionary Biology. This paper is available for free download.


 This DNA study investigated in depth 89 specimens covering 60+ species of Cones from CVI. The study traces the evolution of the species across the islands through geological times.


Recently, many new cone species from this area have been described so it is not surprising that the DNA tree indicates that about 50% of the species are invalid and should be considered synonyms.


Such DNA evidence is indicative and will need refined in a further paper. By comparing fig. 4 in the paper contaning the species indicated as valid, with fig3 showing the current situation , one can deduce most of the synonyms being proposed.


A. irregularis will be noted as no longer a species.  Its senior synonym will depend on the type specimen of A irregularis being judged as represented by the specimen from Boavista which fell in domain of  A. crotchii.  


November 2017.

Three new Caribbean cones published in Festivus by Petuch E.J. & Berschauer D.P.. New species of Pleurotomariidae, Volutidae, and Conidae from the Caribbean Sea and Namibia, Southwestern Africa. The Festivus. 49(4): 317-327.




Miskito Cays, Nicaragua

Miskito Cays, Nicaragua



Dominican Republic


October 2017.

New cone published by L Bozzetti in Malacologia 97 from Tamil Nadu , Southern India.





Conasprella albobrunnea Holotype 24mm MNHN


In the same edition of the magazine, L Bozzetti introduced several new names as forms.  names are therefore invalid. They included (Cylinder textile anomalia polygonalis), (D. pennaceus melbae f. azurea), (Darioconus pennaceus melbae f. nigra),( Pionoconus gubernator f. altispira), (Pionoconus gubernator f. ambolimailakanus),( Cylinder textile f. albospiratus),( Darioconus pennaceus f. mimeticus).


Also in Malacologia 97, L Bozzetti described a new subspecies Conus villepinii guadalupensis ssp. Nov from Guadelopue in the Caribbean.



Conus villepinii guadalupensis ssp. Holotype MNHN


Also in Malacologia 97, Cossignani and Fiadeiro describe a new species from Boavista, Cape Verde Islands.


Africonus guiandradoi Holotype MNCM




New cones from NW Madagascar published in Xenophora Taxonomy 17 by E. Monnier and M. Tenorio. (




Fusiconus levenensis

Kioconus sakalava


August 2017.

Four new cones from Vietnam published by Thach N.N. in book  New shells of Southeast Asia. Sea shells & Land snails.


Note that one species was named as Conus kersteni; an unavailable name since there already is a shell of that name; this will be renamed paulkersteni.




Calamiconus dangdami

Calamiconus ducphuongi




Darioconus ngocngai

Rhizoconus paulkersteni



June 2017.

New cones described in Malacologia 96(

Cossignani and Fiadeiro describe Africonus marckeppensi from Boavista, Cape Verde Islands.



Africonus marckeppensi


Luigi Bozzetti introduces two new names of cones from SW Madagascar




Conus nimbosus s.sp nanoclarus

Conus multibandatus


In Malacologia 95, Bozzetti introduces and illustrates a form name C. catus forma vezorum from SW Madagascar. It is a brownish yellow specimen of C. catus. Form names are no longer allowed under ICZN rules and thus it is an invalid name.




June 2017.

Seven new species of Jaspidiconus described by Petuch, Bershauer and Poremski in Festivus v49 (




Jaspidconus chaac Yucatan Mexico

Jaspidiconus ixchel, E Mexico





Jaspidiconus chinchorroensis E Mexico

Jaspidiconus lusca Turks & Caicos Is.




Jaspidiconus kellyae E Panama

Jaspidiconus tayrona   E Colombia




Jaspidiconus booti Aruba




June 2017.

Abalde, Tenorio, Afonso, Zardoya publish a review of Senegal cones following extensive DNA testing in an article “Mitogenomic phylogeny of cone snails endemic to Senegal” published online in Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. In the article, they raise to species level Lautoconus reticulatus(Born 1778) previously considered a form of L. mercator. The DNA results also showed that the recently described Lautoconus senegalensis has very similar DNA to L. mercator and propose that it should be considered a synonym/form.


Apr. 2017.

Three new cones from the Philippines published in Visaya vol 4/6 ( by Poppe and Tagaro.





C. gattegnoi

C. geeraertsi

C. olangoensis


Apr. 2017.

New cone described from Senegal by Gulden, Moolenbeek & Goud in Miscellanea Malacologia &(3). Lautoconus senegalensis has previously been considered a probable form of  Lautoconus ventricosus.



Lautoconus senegalensis holotype





Jan 2017.

New cone from India described by E Monnier, L Limpalaer, M Tenorio. Virgiconus malabaricus has previously been considered a form of V. berdulinus. Published in Xenophora Taxonomy V14(



V. malabaricus holotype MNHN


Jan 2017.

Pionoconus catus forma pullulus described by Luigi Bozzetti published in Malacologia 94 ( from SE Madagascar. An interesting dark specimen of catus; an invalid description under ICZN rules.



P. catus  pullulus   specimen

Jan 2017.

New cone Darioconus miniturritus described from SE Madagascar in Malacologia 94( by Luigi Bozzetti.



D. miniturritus  holotype MNHN


Jan 2017.

Conus pennasilicorum described from Transkei, South Africa by Luigi Bozzetti in Malacologia 94(www



Conus pennasilicorum holotype MNHN


Jan 2017.

8 new species from the Cape Verde Islands published by T Cossignani and R Fiadeiro in Malacologia 94(




A.     barrosensis  holotype Boavista

A.     cristinapessoae  holotype Boavista





A. decolrobertoi  holotype  Maoi

A. espingueirensis  holotype  Boavista





A.     gallopalvoi holotype  Boavista

A.     purvisi holotype Boavista




A.     pinedensis  holotype  Boavista

A.     varandenhensis holotype Boavista



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