Cone Collector’s Guide: Acknowledgements

The author would like to thank the many friends and colleagues who have contributed to the content of this website publication.


Original descriptions: Summaries of the text of the scientific description from original articles are quoted in the descriptions. The original publication is indicated in the data for the relevant species.  For recent and future descriptions, the author’s intent is to reduce the quoted content to reflect the commercial interests of the publisher and author, balanced with the scientific record interests of the collectors.


For permission to publish selected text from descriptions in major review publications

Conch Books for permission to use selected abstracts from the Iconography series.

Alan Kohn and Conch Books for agreement to republish parts of the Living Conidae book.


For permission to use their pictures

Alan Kohn, Mike Filmer, Gavin Malcolm, Bill Fenzan, Manolo Tenorio, Emilio Rolán, Klaus Groh, Eric Monnier, Bill Cargile, Alex Medvedev, Luigi Bozzetti, Chris Zand.
A number of pictures of type specimens are illustrated. The museum is recognised in the caption of the picture and in the relevant subsection of the text for the taxa.

My thanks to Emily Beech at NHMUK for permission to use some recent restricted pictures.

Internet Resources

The author wishes to acknowledge the Internet sites and their institutional partners which now provide easy access to the many historical works. Reference information has been found on The Internet Archive, AnimalBase, Google Books, the Biodiversity Heritage Library and the Conus Biodiversity website created by Alan Kohn and Trevor Anderson.


Internet Implementation
My thanks to Gavin Malcolm and Andre Poremski for helping turn my pictures, information and ideas into this website.



Every effort has been made by the editor to respect copyright and image rights and to seek the appropriate approvals. The editor wishes to thank the many members of the Cone community who have assisted and given their approvals.

Should you have any queries or material which would improve the content of the website, you may contact the author at the E mail address on the home page.




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