Cone Checklist: Reference Material

Within the taxon files of this website, text is quoted from a number of publications.  For quotes from the original description, the publication which contains the original description is recorded on the appropriate webpage.  The source of other text material is recorded on the webpage using abbreviated references to the publications which are listed in full below.


Those indicated by ** are no longer in print but used copies can be obtained.


 **Röckel, D., Korn W. & Kohn, A.J. , 1995. Manual of the Living Conidae  Vol. 1, Germany.  Edited by Klaus Groh and published by Verlag Christa Hemmen Germany.


**Walls, J.G. , 1979. Cone Shells a Synopsis of the Living Conidae, Neptune City New Jersey, U.S.A. Published by T.F.H publications NJ.(Out of Print)



M. Tenorio, J. Tucker, H. Chaney.  A Conchological Iconography. The Families Conolithidae and Conidae;  The Cones Of Eastern Pacific.  Edited and directed by Guido Poppe and Klaus Groh. Published by Conchbooks.


A. Monteiro, M. Tenorio, Guido Poppe.  A Conchological Iconography. The West African and Mediterranean species of Conus.  Published by Conchbooks.


A. Monteiro, M. Tenorio. A Conchological Iconography. The Family Conidae; The South African species of Conus.  Edited and published by Conchbooks with plates by Yves Terryn.


**D. L. Vink.  The Conidae of the Western Atlantic. La Conchiglia: International Shell Magazine. Vink published a series of articles in 1990 in La Conchiglia magazine.  A review of his work by J. Tucker is to be found in the Cone Collector  (14A) published on this website





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